"My name is Bruce Bradley. I’m a former processed food marketer who’s on a mission to get people eating healthier, real, less processed food."


What do you do?

Although I’m a business strategy and marketing consultant by day, I love to blog and speak about making healthier food choices and inspiring people to ditch their processed food habits any time I can.


How long have you been doing this?

I’ve been blogging since 2011. It all started when I wrote my novel, FAT PROFIT$, a suspense-filled thriller that brings to life in an entertaining way how big, processed food companies often put profits ahead of healthy food choices. Since launching FAT PROFIT$, I’ve become even more passionate about helping people live healthier lives so I’ve been busy blogging, sharing recipes, and making public appearances all in hopes of encouraging people to take simple steps toward eating better.


What is your message?

It’s hard to know what’s really healthy to eat these days. Food companies like to mislead us with all different kinds of health claims. Crazy as it may sound, food companies are even claiming brownies, cookies, and bars are healthy!

I like to end the confusion by telling the truth about what’s really in your food and sharing recipes made with real ingredients. No judgment. No scare tactics. Rather, it’s all about inspiring people to take simple steps toward healthier eating.


How has your work with Moonpup impacted your overall work?

Moonpup has helped bring a more professional look and feel to my website. Also, I honestly don’t have the time or technical experience to deal with minor glitches that can develop from time to time with my website. That’s why it’s so important to have someone I trust to help me when something goes wrong. The whole Moonpup team is great to work with, and I’ve been really pleased with all the work they’ve done and how responsive they are!

bruceI’ve loved working with Moonpup Productions. From providing creative advice to making it all seamlessly come together on your site, Jackie and her team can do it all!

-Bruce Bradley